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move on to another love.: Handy Art Link Megapost


I take no credit for any of this, all I did was assemble them togetha’.

Hellooo friends, I was just handed a couple of useful links from a talented friend, and seeing some posts on Facebook and around the internets inspired me to share them all with you in this handy place.

Bookmark them all, or bookmark this note, idc, just keep track of ‘em!


ArtsyPoses -

Relatively new, but very cool. The 30 second drawing tool seems to be glitching a little but that could be my computer being a dumb. Lots of unique poses and they’re looking to expand to other body types (if you read the FAQ they even said there are too many fit models haa)

PoseManiacs -

Everybody knows this one! Great poses, you can interact with them (rotation, etc) and has a very cool 30 second drawing tool. Also I belieeeve this is available on iOS.

Pixelovey -

Another fantastic drawing tool - I prefer it over PoseManiacs’ but I can NEVER FIND THE LINK :( Lots of options here, too.

CedarSeed -

The drawings here aren’t great but there is so much information here. SO MUCH.

Color Is Value -

Handy coloring tips and things!

Ctrl+Paint -

So many digital painting tutorials. SO MANY. Ridiculously helpful in everything ever, and constantly updated.

Lackadaisy Expressions -

This artist is incredibly talented and even though they are cats there is so much to be learned here.

+ more -

The Angry Animator -

Because come on, all sorts of handy animation tips. I linked directly to the walk cycle because I found it to be most useful but there are other things floatin’ around there if that’s your thing~

Constructing the Head/Face -

Done by Stanislav Prokopenko, an instructor. Also really seems to know what he’s talking about. Saving images off of Tumblr seems to be hit-or-miss so keep this link handy as it may not save correctly. :(

And so begins the dumping of handy tutorial images that should all be on your harddrives soon :

How to Draw All Kinds of Shit -

Some of you may remember this from all of James Phegan’s classes ever! Super handy, and this is a printable version of the giant jpg he used to e-mail us.

How to Draw Beef -

The same artist; she’s really damn good at drawing beefy dudes.

Drawing people in perspective and other handy things - - Fellas Tutorial - Ladies Tutorial - NSFW - Pose Tutorial - Expressions/Head Tutorial - Hand Tutorial - Foot Tutorial

Resources : - Nude models and drapery!! - Lots of nude models in all sorts of poses - All sorts of clothing styles! - Amazing amazing hands - Coelasquid’s “manbucket” - haaands - HAAANDS

Other neat things :

Color Scheme Designer -

Allows you to quickly and easily create specific color schemes for a wide variety of purposes! If you’re like me and terrible with color, this will help.

Make your brush in Photoshop look like Flash or Paint Tool SAI -

Things to keep in mind while gesture drawing -

Super Obvious Secrets I Wish They’d Teach In Art School -

The Complete Guide to Not Giving a Fuck -

How to Steal Like an Artist -

Also, psst. - - Ten art books that we should all own already.

For artsy fartsy types like me. I’ve got A LOT of this book marked already if that says anything about how useful this stuff is.

ALSO! Side note, there are a few very kind asks in my inbox regarding my artwork and inquiries about webcomics. I HAVE read them, and I WILL answer them. If the comic is any indicator, I haven’t had the time to sit down and do personal work as of late, and that includes responding to folks that would take a little longer than a quick “Hey! Thanks for that! I appreciate it!”

But, yes! Bookmark Miss Addy’s post and give this stuff a genuine look.

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